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TV Stars, love and valentine’s day – Zee News

 Snapshot 17 (07-09-2012 3-28 PM)
Neha Sargam
Who was your first crush?
Anytime Hrithik Roshan!

Are you single or in a relationship?
I am single till I am married.

Describe your ideal mate?
He should have all those qualities my father has.

How important is marriage for a relationship to survive in the long run?
I am very conservative and for me marriage is one of those institutions that I really believe in. I think if you are in a relationship, then an ultimate destination should be marriage. And if you are sure that you want to be with that person for the rest of your life, only then you should marry him/her.

Do you believe in the concept of live-in relationship?
I am fine with the idea of live-in relationship without any offense to the ones who are already living together. That said, personally I won’t prefer to go for a live-in relationship.

What are your plans for the Valentine`s Day this year?
I usually don’t have any special thing planned for the day and I have never celebrated this day. But sometimes I prefer watching a romantic movie.

Do you agree that there should only be one day of all the 365 days in a year to celebrate love?
No not at all. Any day you want to be with your loved one is a Valentine’s Day.

What is your idea of a perfect romantic night out?
I would prefer a simple sit down meal at home with my beloved.

How should one go about wooing you?
I don’t like chocolates or anything that I can afford. May be an island in my name would do.

-Resham Sengar


Happy Birthday Neha Sargam – Tellybuzz


Beautiful actress Neha Sargam who plays Sita in Zee TV‘s Ramayan has turned a year older today.

Tellybuzz spoke to Neha to know about her birthday plans. The excited birthday girl Neha exclaims, “After a long span of 3 years I have my family here with me and I am celebrating my birthday with all of them. I am feeling blessed right now because I have been waiting for this moment for so long.”

Neha is extremely happy as she is not shooting today and further adds, “I am trying to spend most of the time with them because soon I will be going to Baroda for my Ramayan shoot. I prefer to be at home today and have food cooked by my mom. My sister is currently giving her exams so is glued to the books otherwise it would have been more fun. The birthday which I am having today is the perfect birthday according to me.”

Tellubuzz asked Neha whether she had got any special gift this birthday. Neha replied, “Yes, I have got special gifts but celebrating my birthday with my family is the biggest gift they have ever given me. I am really happy about it.”

So, is Neha planning to treat her co-stars? Neha laughs and replies, “Right now I am too much into my family and trying to spend most of the time with them. However, if I would have been with my co-stars, I would have treated them on my birthday.”

Tellybuzz would like to wish Neha Sargam a very happy birthday and a fantastic year ahead!

Reporter and Author: Anwesha Kamal



Happy birthday to Neha Sargam

Neha Sargam

You are God’s gift to this world. You realise this all the more on your birthday which is reason why you celebrate the day.

That is exactly what actress Neha Sargam (currently essaying Sita in Zee TV’sRamayan) is doing on her birthday today (4 March 2013).

The actress is spending quality time with her family today. Speaking, she avers, “After years, our family (my parents, my sister and me) have had an opportunity to get together today.”

“Isn’t it great to celebrate your birthday with your family members around?” she asks while bidding us goodbye.

Neha is also very grateful to her fans for all the birthday wishes and is delighted by the lovely collage of her pictures that her fans have gifted her.

We wish this Piscean a very happy birthday.

Courtesy: Tellychakkar


Neha Sargam Birthday Segment


Happy Birthday – Neha Sargam

Today is our darling Neha Sargams birthday. Wishing her great and blessed dy. We all love u neha.
And to celebrate this awesome day we admins will be posting up some wallpapers/siggy for all u as a gift starting with this. Hope u like them.733994_383414125090906_262310797_n 540962_383414158424236_329588397_n 525310_383424058423246_1309411592_n 525278_383423935089925_1812053114_n 522504_383408625091456_1448832427_n 482489_383423938423258_1537088728_n 480758_383424055089913_617173210_n 306115_383414258424226_1612641576_n 299810_383414135090905_1385255718_n 295623_383414121757573_2141002905_n 225547_383423931756592_491922260_n

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 14,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 3 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

2012 – The year that was for TV actors – Tellychakkar featuring Neha Sargam

As we are on the last lap of the year 2012, it’s time for us to rewind and find out how has been the year personally and professionally for your favourite TV actors.

Team approached a few TV celebs and asked them to wind back.


  • Kunal Karan Kapoor: 2012 was fabulous. I have travelled all around the world. I did a great show in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha and am happy that I am coming back again with season 2. Hope 2013 also does justice to me.
  • Aakanksha Singh: Overall, it was a great and successful year for me. I am waiting for 2013, as I am coming back with Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha season 2. So, I am really excited. On the personal front, I got time to look after myself in these three to four months. I also got a chance to spend time with my family members.
  • Shantanu Maheshwari: The year 2012 was great; it was superb both on the professional as well as on the personal front. The main highlighting moments of the year was when I got chance to perform with the Moulin Rouge dance troupe. Recently, Kunwar Amar and I were selected as the Best Jodi. So, there has been stabilization in my career while on personal level, I have grown as a person. Every day we learn something new. So way to go… 2013.
  • Shakti Mohan: All the best things happened in 2012. I visited by dream city New York where I made new friends and met international choreographers. Of course, the launch of my 2012 calendar…it has been a fruitful year. Looking forward to embracing year 2013!!!
  • Karanvir Bohra: 2012 was one of my best years till now. Of course, work wise Saubhagyavati bhava happened in my life. I won awards for my Viraj character that I played in it. Personally, I am blessed with such a beautiful wife and life, Teejay. So, in all, the year 2012 was fantastic and hope 2013 is also so. (laughs)
  • Krystle Dsouza: 2012 was a very good year both personally and professionally for me. The best thing that could have happened to me was Ek Hazaroon… Since I enjoy dancing, I took part in many dance performances. So, on the whole, 2012 was a successful year and would want to go with the flow in 2013.
  • Shaleen Malhotra: If I look back in 2012, I think the year was outstanding. Got an opportunity to host Roadies 9 and moreover, Arjun came my way. At this point of time, my career is sorted out and so is my life.
  • Ragini Khanna:   2012 did get me through both sorrow and happiness. Sorrow because Sasural Genda Phool went off air and happiness because I got to anchor Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa. I am glad that on that part, I got time to introspect and look deep within me. There was a time when I used to think as to why I was working so much? But later, I realized it was for my fans. I am glad that my fans have loved and motivated me. Next year, I am going to rock with a comeback. Till then, take care!!
  • Shashank Vyas: Professionally, the year 2012 was a good year. I am earning good but as a citizen of country, I am not happy. I don’t know where is our country heading to? I am very disturbed with the gang rape that happened in Delhi and think that it was something beyond rape. It might sound cliché, but I was stunned when I saw kids being beaten up by cops during a protest near India Gate. And at the end, there has been neither any action nor any results. People are back to their normal life and busy making plans for New Year.
  • Prerna Wanvari:   The year 2012 year was very special as I got nominated for the Best Supporting Actress category. Also, I was fortunate to have presented an award at the International Emmy Awards in New York and got to meet Jessica Lange, a fab actress and James Manos, the creator of Dexter. I have worked really hard and am getting results too. I have a dream that in 2013, I am doing even better work, say a film and a good role as a lead in a TV show, and I also wish to take the entire Tellychakkar team partying (wink wink).
  • Rahil Azam: The year 2012 was smooth enough. Health wise, it was good too. And one good thing that happened to me was that I have become very punctual. I will give my best and keep working hard. Rest, I leave on Allah!
  • Neha Sargam: Every year has its different flavour. It is best on its own. 2012 was special to me since I got Ramayan. So, on both professional and personal fronts, everything was smooth going. At this point of time, I am happy and content and hope that 2013 will also go well. (smiles)


Courtesy: TellyChakkar.

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