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What is Neha Sargam watching on the small screen? – Tellychakkar

Neha Sargam

Which daily soap do you watch?

Packed to the Rafters on Star World.

Which channel do you watch frequently?

TLC and Star World.

Which is your favorite reality show?

So You Think You Can Dance on AXN India.

Which is your favorite TV channel?

Star World

Which comedy shows have you enjoyed the most on television?

Full House, Hope and Faith and America’s Funniest Home.


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Neha Sargam Audio interview – ZA productions


Celeberating Womanhood – the starry way, Zee News


161492-neha-sargam.jpgNeha Sargam

What does Women’s Day mean to you?
I respect women no matter whom or how they are. I may sound very prejudiced but the fact is that I tend to be against men but I am always for women.

Which woman in your life is closer to you?
My nani, my mom and my sister- all the three generations. In future, if I have a daughter, I will be thankful to God.

What do you like so much about daughters?
Daughters are the most precious gift a woman could get.

According to you, what is the significance of celebrating Women’s Day?
I believe that the day should be celebrated in one’s head first. One should understand the importance of this day and that of women to make that happen.

Which all qualities do women possess that men don’t?
Women are better managers. They can multi-task. Women are also less into corruption. If you see the number of corruption cases, the ratio is 9:1. Also, women are better teachers.

Which woman from history or from today’s date do you admire the most?
I look up to every woman who has done something good in her life. But specifically, I really like Mahadevi Verma. I have read about her and I respect her for the social work she has done.

-Resham Sengar


Happy Birthday Neha Sargam – Tellybuzz


Beautiful actress Neha Sargam who plays Sita in Zee TV‘s Ramayan has turned a year older today.

Tellybuzz spoke to Neha to know about her birthday plans. The excited birthday girl Neha exclaims, “After a long span of 3 years I have my family here with me and I am celebrating my birthday with all of them. I am feeling blessed right now because I have been waiting for this moment for so long.”

Neha is extremely happy as she is not shooting today and further adds, “I am trying to spend most of the time with them because soon I will be going to Baroda for my Ramayan shoot. I prefer to be at home today and have food cooked by my mom. My sister is currently giving her exams so is glued to the books otherwise it would have been more fun. The birthday which I am having today is the perfect birthday according to me.”

Tellubuzz asked Neha whether she had got any special gift this birthday. Neha replied, “Yes, I have got special gifts but celebrating my birthday with my family is the biggest gift they have ever given me. I am really happy about it.”

So, is Neha planning to treat her co-stars? Neha laughs and replies, “Right now I am too much into my family and trying to spend most of the time with them. However, if I would have been with my co-stars, I would have treated them on my birthday.”

Tellybuzz would like to wish Neha Sargam a very happy birthday and a fantastic year ahead!

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Happy birthday to Neha Sargam

Neha Sargam

You are God’s gift to this world. You realise this all the more on your birthday which is reason why you celebrate the day.

That is exactly what actress Neha Sargam (currently essaying Sita in Zee TV’sRamayan) is doing on her birthday today (4 March 2013).

The actress is spending quality time with her family today. Speaking, she avers, “After years, our family (my parents, my sister and me) have had an opportunity to get together today.”

“Isn’t it great to celebrate your birthday with your family members around?” she asks while bidding us goodbye.

Neha is also very grateful to her fans for all the birthday wishes and is delighted by the lovely collage of her pictures that her fans have gifted her.

We wish this Piscean a very happy birthday.

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Neha Sargam Birthday Segment


Happy Birthday – Neha Sargam

Today is our darling Neha Sargams birthday. Wishing her great and blessed dy. We all love u neha.
And to celebrate this awesome day we admins will be posting up some wallpapers/siggy for all u as a gift starting with this. Hope u like them.733994_383414125090906_262310797_n 540962_383414158424236_329588397_n 525310_383424058423246_1309411592_n 525278_383423935089925_1812053114_n 522504_383408625091456_1448832427_n 482489_383423938423258_1537088728_n 480758_383424055089913_617173210_n 306115_383414258424226_1612641576_n 299810_383414135090905_1385255718_n 295623_383414121757573_2141002905_n 225547_383423931756592_491922260_n

2012 – The year that was for TV actors – Tellychakkar featuring Neha Sargam

As we are on the last lap of the year 2012, it’s time for us to rewind and find out how has been the year personally and professionally for your favourite TV actors.

Team approached a few TV celebs and asked them to wind back.


  • Kunal Karan Kapoor: 2012 was fabulous. I have travelled all around the world. I did a great show in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha and am happy that I am coming back again with season 2. Hope 2013 also does justice to me.
  • Aakanksha Singh: Overall, it was a great and successful year for me. I am waiting for 2013, as I am coming back with Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha season 2. So, I am really excited. On the personal front, I got time to look after myself in these three to four months. I also got a chance to spend time with my family members.
  • Shantanu Maheshwari: The year 2012 was great; it was superb both on the professional as well as on the personal front. The main highlighting moments of the year was when I got chance to perform with the Moulin Rouge dance troupe. Recently, Kunwar Amar and I were selected as the Best Jodi. So, there has been stabilization in my career while on personal level, I have grown as a person. Every day we learn something new. So way to go… 2013.
  • Shakti Mohan: All the best things happened in 2012. I visited by dream city New York where I made new friends and met international choreographers. Of course, the launch of my 2012 calendar…it has been a fruitful year. Looking forward to embracing year 2013!!!
  • Karanvir Bohra: 2012 was one of my best years till now. Of course, work wise Saubhagyavati bhava happened in my life. I won awards for my Viraj character that I played in it. Personally, I am blessed with such a beautiful wife and life, Teejay. So, in all, the year 2012 was fantastic and hope 2013 is also so. (laughs)
  • Krystle Dsouza: 2012 was a very good year both personally and professionally for me. The best thing that could have happened to me was Ek Hazaroon… Since I enjoy dancing, I took part in many dance performances. So, on the whole, 2012 was a successful year and would want to go with the flow in 2013.
  • Shaleen Malhotra: If I look back in 2012, I think the year was outstanding. Got an opportunity to host Roadies 9 and moreover, Arjun came my way. At this point of time, my career is sorted out and so is my life.
  • Ragini Khanna:   2012 did get me through both sorrow and happiness. Sorrow because Sasural Genda Phool went off air and happiness because I got to anchor Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa. I am glad that on that part, I got time to introspect and look deep within me. There was a time when I used to think as to why I was working so much? But later, I realized it was for my fans. I am glad that my fans have loved and motivated me. Next year, I am going to rock with a comeback. Till then, take care!!
  • Shashank Vyas: Professionally, the year 2012 was a good year. I am earning good but as a citizen of country, I am not happy. I don’t know where is our country heading to? I am very disturbed with the gang rape that happened in Delhi and think that it was something beyond rape. It might sound cliché, but I was stunned when I saw kids being beaten up by cops during a protest near India Gate. And at the end, there has been neither any action nor any results. People are back to their normal life and busy making plans for New Year.
  • Prerna Wanvari:   The year 2012 year was very special as I got nominated for the Best Supporting Actress category. Also, I was fortunate to have presented an award at the International Emmy Awards in New York and got to meet Jessica Lange, a fab actress and James Manos, the creator of Dexter. I have worked really hard and am getting results too. I have a dream that in 2013, I am doing even better work, say a film and a good role as a lead in a TV show, and I also wish to take the entire Tellychakkar team partying (wink wink).
  • Rahil Azam: The year 2012 was smooth enough. Health wise, it was good too. And one good thing that happened to me was that I have become very punctual. I will give my best and keep working hard. Rest, I leave on Allah!
  • Neha Sargam: Every year has its different flavour. It is best on its own. 2012 was special to me since I got Ramayan. So, on both professional and personal fronts, everything was smooth going. At this point of time, I am happy and content and hope that 2013 will also go well. (smiles)


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Star Diary – Neha Sargam. Tellychakkar

When I took a gap of seven months from TV, my fans compelled me to come back: Neha Sargam


Neha Sargam

A page from the personal diary of Neha Sargam

Hello everyone, this is Neha Sargam whom you see as Sita in Zee TV’s Ramayan.

Firstly, let me wish everyone of you a Happy New Year and compliments of the season.

Let me start by briefing you a bit about myself. I am born and raised in Patna, where I completed my schooling. Later, I pursued advertisement and sales promotion and marketing from Patna University.

Currently, I stay in Mumbai with mom and younger sister, while dad is handling his business in Patna.

Well, let me divulge that I was never interested in acting; always thought of becoming a singer. So to chase my dream, I went for the audition of Indian Idol 4.

There, I made it till the second round but due to throat infection, I could not go ahead.

Now, here comes the interesting twist on how my journey started in the industry. Well after Indian Idol audition, I started getting calls from production houses for roles. But as I was studying then, I rejected all of them. After graduation, Rajan Shahi saw the footage of my Indian Idol audition and gave me a call for his upcoming show. Rajan Sir came to my place and made my parents understand. Thoroughly satisfied, I finally gave my nod and thereafter did Chand Chupa Badal Mein for Star Plus.

After Chand Chupa Badal Mein, I did a few cameos in shows such as Haar Jeet on NDTV Imagine and Punar Vivah on Zee TV. Currently, as mentioned above I am playing Sita in Ramayan.

Talking about journey, it has been great so far. After Chand Chupa… I took a gap of seven months.

During that period, I got so many letters and messages from fans asking me to comeback saying that they want to see me back on television. I think that moment made me return to television. It motivated and made me to work harder.

On the personal front, I am a very homely person and like to spend time with my family.  To unwind myself I watch movies and pamper myself a lot.

So this is my journey till now. I am blessed to have such lovely fans. Whatever I am today is because of them. So a big thank you to everyone. Stay blessed!!

Neha Sargam at Zee Rishtey Awards – TV segment

Diwali fervour grips small screen – Neha Sargam


Neha Sargam
I think the kid in me is still alive and I refuse to be just sitting around during festivals. This is the only time of the year when we can have unrestrained fun and not be reprimanded for acting like a kid. Lakshmi Puja forms an integral part of the Diwali function.
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Zee TV Rishtey Awards – Red carpet pictures

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Fan Creations – By Fiza

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‘Ramayan’ producer wants Seeta Swayamvar to be iconic – TOI article


Ask a woman about the day she will not allow another woman to outshine her, and in all probability, it would be her wedding day. Very evidently, it isn’t just the woman of today who wishes to look radiant and resplendent in her bridal finery. Centuries ago, it is well-documented that even princess Sita ensured that her beauty was unparalleled on the day that her father King Janaka announced her Swayamwar.

Ramayan is all set to showcase the iconic Sita Swayamwar sequence on Sunday, 23rd September. Naturally, to recreate the divine aura of Indian mythology’s most unforgettable bride Sita and to ensure that her leading lady Neha Sargam looks absolutely stunning, producer Meenakshi Sagar has decided to leave no stone unturned. She has roped in renowned fashion designer Archana Kochhar to specially create an authentic, traditional outfit for Sita’s Swayamwar that will be remembered on television for years to come.

While most television shows have their own in-house stylists who put together costumes for all the artistes, enlisting the expertise of a prominent fashion designer is still very unusual for Indian television as it entails higher budgets.

Speaking of her decision, Meenakshi said, “Sita’s Swayamwar is a landmark event in the story of Ramayan. It marks the union of Lord Ram and Sita. At the Swayamwar, Sita’s father king Janaka had announced a contest whereby the strongest prince, who would be able to wield the immensely heavy bow of Shiva and string it successfully, would get her hand in marriage. In order to embody the much sought-after, beautiful princess, I wanted Sita’s look to be glorious and memorable. And who better than Archana Kochhar to create the look? Archana luxuriously draws inspiration from ancient Indian regalia even for her contemporary bridal collections and all that stems from immense research. I know I can blindly follow her sensibilities and so I brought her on board for such an important look. I’m thrilled with the results!”

Designer Archana Kochhar said, “I am grateful to my friend Meenakshi for having given me the opportunity to re-create one of the most iconic bridal looks of Indian mythology. I have adhered to her brief of keeping Sita’s look as close as possible to the original classic. We have chosen a rich hue of red for the lehenga-choli and blended it with pink undertones. The intricate embroidery and the jewelry to go with the ensemble has been kept purely traditional for retaining the element of authenticity. My attempt, as a contemporary designer, has been to make the ornate outfit extremely comfortable for the actor to wear. Layers and layers of textured fabric, embedded with jewels have a way of making the dress exceedingly heavy. Smart choices of lighter crystals and substitution of materials have been made such that the look isn’t compromised, yet the artiste can move comfortably and perform. I think Neha’s looking gorgeous and I hope the audience loves our creation!”

Actor Neha Sargam, who has just made her first appearance as Sita on Ramayan, is as excited about her Swayamwar look. She said, “I am extremely fortunate that the creative team and particularly Meenakshi ji have gone the extra mile to ensure that I look divine as Sita at the Swayamwar. The creation by Archana Kochhar looks like a dream and is light and easy to wear. I honestly didn’t feel like getting out of it when I put it on at the trial itself. I look forward to shooting the Swayamwar sequence.”

Sita ji’s Swayamwar outfit – 10th Sept SBB segment

Period dramas are the flavour of the season – TOI Article

If it’s prime time, then you can get set for some visual poetry in your living rooms, via mythologicals/ costume capers — majestic palaces, harsh battlefields, gods and goddesses in elaborate costumes and hair dos, and a storyline that many of us have grown up on, with some very basic modifications! In the 80s streets in urban India used to wear a deserted look on Sundays when Doordarshan used to telecast serials like ‘Mahabharat’ and ‘Ramayana’. Even now, things are no different on small screen — that magical charm of costume drama still lingers. That explains why GECs are dishing out soaps like ‘Ramayan’, ‘Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev’, ‘Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali’ and forthcoming ‘Mahabharat’ for the audiences. Even in the recent past, shows like ‘Mahima Shani Dev Ki’, ‘Krishna’, ‘Dwarkadheesh — Bhagwan Shri Krishna’, ‘Ramayan’ (2008) managed to strike a connect with viewers.

Why are these period soaps suddenly so popular? Nikhil Sinha, producer, says, “People always connect to characters who have been a part of their lives. And these epics are a vital part of our Indian culture.” How has advancement in technology enhanced mythological soaps? Does that attract the audience too? “Technological advancements have made ‘Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev’ look contemporary and has generated interest among young audiences too,” shares Sinha.
Do mythological shows really help GECs get more TRPs? Sukesh Motwani, fiction head of a GEC says, “A mythological/period show offers stories with many layers and it’s also an interesting narration/retelling of our rich and diverse culture. We can recreate an epic without adding extra element of drama. Its originality is what attracts the audience.”

Of course, a historical/ mythological show means a lot of research goes into the scripting. “Earlier shows used to portray important nuggets from the epic. Now, we add emotional moments in the show because our audiences love the emotional connect with the screen characters. So, this makes us to do an intensive research. Besides, mythological/period flicks mean lots of investments. The sets depict a particular era in the past, lavish costumes, jewellery and locations have to look authentic to strike an element of connectivity. And, these shows are targeted towards all age-groups and that is why they are popular even now,” says Sukesh.

And how do actors who take part in such shows feel? Neha Sargam shares, “I never thought that I would ever get to play Sita. It came as a pleasant surprise when I was offered the role. I feel blessed.” Mohit Raina agrees, “I’m happy that audiences have accepted me as Lord Shiva and the show has become so popular. The show is based on the Shiv-Puran and is authentic.”

Considering these costume dramas are garnering above average TRPs, for now this is a formula that’s working.


Courtesy: The Times of India

Neha Sargam always wanted to do an epic role


Simplicity — that’s the word that best defines telly star Neha Sargam. Neha’s tryst with acting was an unplanned one. Music was the world she knew! After making her debut in the daily show, Chand Chhupa Baadal Mein, Neha played the bad girl in Haar Jeet, followed by a cameo in Punar Vivaah.

Now, she is gearing up to play the role of Sita in Ramayan, a role that had been much coveted and had top actresses angling for. In a light-hearted chat, Neha on the tinsel trek, her divine move, love and lots more.

Role Play
I never thought I will get to play Sita’s character ever in my life. It came as a pleasant surprise. Let me confess, it was always a fantasy to play a mythological character. Considering current soap trends, I wasn’t sure an epic like Ramayan would be remade and I’d get this lucky. My mom keeps telling me that I look like heroines in the ’60s. Also, many times on the set of Chand Chhupa… my crew members and co-actors would often ask me to strike a pose as goddess Durga or goddess Lakshmi when I’d wear a saree, saying I looked ‘divine’. I never knew that those fun sessions will turn real and I’d actually be playing a role like this. I’m very happy and feel blessed that I got through this role, especially since many top actresses had also been in running for the same.

Fitness Fundas
Many people told me that I am looking svelte and slimmer of late and it is true. When I was doing Chand Chupa…, my face was chubby and I was pleasantly plump because the role demanded a girl who was very ordinary. Once the show went off air, I started working out, jogging and eating right, and all puppy fat vanished from my face, which has made people think that I’ve reduced drastically. I was never a fitness freak till I got my first acting project. I thought I’d do an MBA, followed by some singing venture — but as I got into acting, I knew how essential it was to stay and look fit. Since then, I’ve stopped being the foodie that I was and take care of the way I look.

Music Mania
Had I not been an actor, I would have been a singer. I hail from a family where everyone sings and that’s what I’d love to do professionally. It would be great to be the part of a show like Star Ya Rockstar. However, I don’t want to make a career out of music and earn money. In our family, we worship music.

Family Album
I’m a complete family person. If I ever travelled out of town for exams or visited relatives without my family members, on most occasions I’d fall sick. I’m very close to both my mom and dad. For me nothing’s more important than my family and friends. I’m not a party animal and prefer to stay home and spend time with my loved ones. My friends often call me a mood spoiler, but I don’t want to be seen as a partying sort of person.

NO time for love
I don’t believe in the concept of having a boyfriend. I don’t think I want someone to follow me wherever I go. The only male friend I have is my dad. My mom’s my best friend. I never felt the need to have anyone special in my life apart from them. I feel love may not even happen to me ever and I’ll probably settle for an arranged marriage some point in life, but it will have to wait for now.


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Neha Sargam apologizes to her mentor Rajan Shahi

Neha Sargam debuted on television with Sony Entertainment Television’s Indian Idol as a contestant after which she stepped into fiction world with Rajan Shahi’s (Director’s Kut Productions) Chand Chupa Badal Mein, followed by many other shows like Haar Jeet, Punar Vivah et al. Certainly, Rajan Shahi is the one who paved way for Neha into the small screen space.

Today, at the press meet of Ramayan (Zee TV), the actress apologized Rajan Shahi for not informing him about her new project. “I really want to say sorry to Rajan sir because I couldn’t inform him about me taking up Ramayan. I am afraid but on the other hand I was asked not to speak about it until Sita gets revealed in front of the media,” confessed Neha.
The point is that Neha shares everything about her professional commitments to Rajan.

Neha went on, “I know, he must have already known that I am doing Ramayan from industry sources, but till now I haven’t informed him. I really want to apologize for that. I am going to make a call to him as soon as I get free today.”

Neha…as Godfather says…everything is business…nothing personal…Hope Rajan will understand it!!!

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Celebrities speak on India’s Independence day – Neha Sargam


 Wishing Indians around the world a very happy independence day. Here is what some of your favorite stars had to say about our country and the way they like to celebrate this victorious day:

—- Sriti Jha: The day generally begins with the flag hoisting in my building atrium I think the solution to most problems is education so we must work towards that. Love ones country, be proud of it and work towards making it a better world.

—- Ragini Khanna: The biggest change we can bring is to changing ourselves there is no bigger favour we can do to our country by leading a justiciable life.   —– Gia Manek: Celebrate it wid a smile, cherish it and value it.

—- Parul Choudhary: Since the word itself is independence then the day should be dedicated to freedom, let everyone strongly support a cause closest to their heart. I personally support SAVE THE TIGER campaign & SAVE THE GIRL CHILD campaign so I am gonna spend the day supporting both causes. INDIA needs one major change and that is CORRUPTION…all of us need to take this seriously & do everything for anti- corruption at our individual levels..after paying so much tax every year & with additional taxes levied each financial year the common man is battling expenses rising by the day. All of us strongly need to support ANTI CORRUPTION.   —

– Gaurav Chopra: Nothing much. I like to wear indian clothes,there is a subtle feeling of it being a special day. I think India needs to be more ‘answerable’. The system needs to b more professional about the responsibilities and their execution, if a job has to be done, road to be made, policies to be implemented; do it well,and if you can’t,there should be explanations and dismissals from seat of power,like in a professional ,corporate set up. The people should develop the habit of asking questions and demanding answers. Stay united and only support people who can act as ‘good managers’ and throw away anyone who can’t/wont work or help your country.

—– Deepraj Rana: Like to see my national flag go up and thank the souls of the great people who fought and gave there life for our independence. India has a long way to go. Water,electricity and roads are three basic needs but more than half of our country is deprived of. The only way they can have these thongs is if corruption goes…

—– Yashashree Masurkar: I try to attend my school ceremony on 15th aug!I love those patriotic songs playing in background! Those lil flags everywhere! Those cute kids humming those songs and giving a small speech! I just love that!!! I think the biggest change we need is no corruption! We all are part of this corruption process try not to break the law and not to b corrupt! Let’s start it from ourself and one day India will be a non corrupt country

—- Sayan Sur Roy (fashion photographer). Every India day I wake up with a new hope of an uncorrupt government and a powerful nation with people enjoying their human rights to the core. I am sure this dream will prevail one day for my faith prevails. Thanks, sayan sur roy ….

—-Neha Sargam: 15th of august is my grand father’s death anniversary so we start with a havan and after that we make sure we celebrate it in the same way we did wid our grandfather, with jalebi and puri bhaji and watch Doordarshan’s special independence day program. I’ve been watching it since childhood We the citizen of India need to bring the change within our selves, the mentality of always depending on others to get our work done or blame others for not doing their work properly. And its not some pageant winning speech, I mean it. I try to follow what Ii believe and sometimes I fail but sometimes I do pass  

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India- forums Quick Grill with Neha Sargam

The cute and bubbly Neha Sargam the fame of ‘Chand Chupa Badal Mein’ , who plays the role of Sita in the weekly show ‘Ramayan’ on Zee TV, was very honest with her answers and takes the quick grill…..

Three things you would want to eat before you die?

Chocolates, chocolates and chocolates.

If you were given a chance to be the Prime-Minister for a day then what would be the first thing that you would want to change?

I would want to change the Parliamentary Government to Presidential Government.

Life to you is?

Every second counts. Live your life to your fullest.

A lesson learn’t recently?

Never expect anything, just keep doing your best.

One holiday means?


If you were to be reborn as a bird then which bird would you want to be?


A public transport that you prefer?


When you walk down the memory lane then which are the memories that strike you first?

My home memories from Patna.

Acting to you is?

Acting is my work and work is worship.

A quote for life?

Live and let live.

A quote for your fans?

Love them all and appreciate their love and warmth that they shower on me, I try my level best to live up to their expectations.

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Reporter and Autor:Krishma Solanki.

Suspense on Neha’s role in Ramayan continues……

Moti Sagar Productions’ mythological offering on Zee TV, Ramayan is the next talked about show. It has already been reported that big names like Aamir Dalvi, Gagan Malik, Avinash Sachdev, Sanjeeda Sheikh, Neha Sargam, amongst others, have been approached to play the pivotal roles of Ram and Sita. has now got to know that Dheeraj Dhoopar, who came to the limelight with Rajan Shahi’s Swarg on Colors, and Siddharth Arora of Mukti Bandhan fame have been approached to play the role of Laxman.

Though the casting of Ram and Sita has not been finalized yet, it looks as though it will be a toss-up between Gagan Malik and Aamir Dalvi for the role of Ram. And Neha Sargam might bag the role of Sita. However, the final decision has not been arrived at.

We tried contacting both Siddharth and Dheeraj, but could not get through to them.

Ramayan will launch on 12 August 2012 and the promos are already on air.

Let’s get to see who bags the prized roles in the upcoming mythological

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E24 Segment – News on Neha Sargam as Sita in Ramayan

The New Show Stealers – Neha Sargam – TOI article.


Dramatic twists, heaps of tearjerking melodrama and lots of misunderstandings — 18 new entries in daily soaps are responsible for all that and more!

Storylines on the small screen have their share of twists and turns, but what really keeps the audience hooked to a show is the entry of a new character, which takes the show to a different level altogether. That probably explains why, have been as many as 18 ‘new’ entries in daily soaps in recent times! Dil Se Di Dua…Saubhagyavati Bhav? catapulted to new highs (read better TRPs)

after the entry of hottie Harshad Chopra; Siddharth Shukla’s entry in Balika Vadhu followed by a new love track helped the show reach the No. 2 slot (June 20 – July 3) on the TRP charts. Some recent new entries include Harshad Chopra and Neha Mehta in Dil Se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhav?, Neha Sargam in Punar Vivaah — Zindagi Milegi Dobara, Samir Kochhar and Deepti Shrikant in Bade Achhe Laggte Hain, Neha Jhulka and Rubina Dilaik in Saas Bina Sasural, Seema Deshmukh in Saath Nibahana Saathiya, Aamir Dalvi in Chhal — Sheh Aur Maat, Vrinda Dawda in Dil Dosti Dance, Mayank Gandhi in Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum, Khalid Siddiqui and Prinal Oberoi in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha, Manish Naggdev in Madhubala — Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, Mohan Kapur in Amrit Manthan, Varun Kapoor in Humse Hai Life and Hiten Tejwani in Kya Huaa Tera Vaada.  While there is an intrigue factor with their emphatic entry sequences in the show, which gets it due dose of dramatic twists, actors seem to be finding the role play exciting.

Actor Neha Sargam says, “I’m glad that I’m doing a role that is a departure from what I’ve essayed so far. She has a mind of her own and will fight for what she believes in. That’s what attracted me to the role.”

Actor Khalid Siddiqui says, “Na Bole Tum… is a popular show with a nice concept that’s treated differently. The current track is interesting and I’m cutting in and making things more interesting.”

So what do regular actors feel about the entry of another actor and stealing a little time of their show(s)? Actor Aishwarya Sakhuja says, “Divya’s (Neha Jhulka) entry has brought about an interesting track. A story always has its ups and downs and Toasty has always lived with challenges.” New entrants also help reduce the burden of lead actors at times. Actor Mouli Ganguly seconds the thought, ” I’m very happy with Hiten’s entry in the show. A new character can certainly help to hype things. But after that, it is always the story and whether people are happy with the track or not.”  With new actors entering daily soaps and bringing new twists the audience is all set to witness interesting drama sequences on the tube.

Neha Sargam : Demure Neha Sargam is the runaway bride in Punar Vivaah, a character meant to act as a catalyst to start off the romance between the lead couple!

Samir Kochhar Samir Kochhar makes his fiction debut on TV with Bade Achhe… as a savvy biz tycoon who is Sakshi’s new love interest.

Harshad Chopra Harshad Chopra is Raghav, the docile Sia/Jhanvi’s saviour and possible love interest in Dil Se Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhav?. That he might eventually end up as the main male lead is being popularly believed of late!

Rubina Dilaik Rubina Dilaik in a new, revamped avatar with curly locks and a warm smile is Smiley, touted to be an important character in Saas Bina Sasural.

Siddharth Shukla Siddharth Shukla as the new man in the female protagonist Anandi’s (in Balika Vadhu) life. His entry has upped the popularity quotient of the show. The zillion buck question: will he be the new male lead?


Neha Sargam almost finalised to play Sita- Article

After the runaway success of first two versions of Ramayan, the Sagars are all set to return with the third version of the greatest Hindu epic.

According to sources actor Gagan Malik and actress Neha Sargam (seen in Punar Vivah) have been almost finalised to play Lord Ram and Sita respectively.   This mythological show in particular has always tasted success and produced stars overnight. The first version had Arun Govil, Deepika and Dara Singh and the second starred Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerjee.   The show will air on the channel which has earlier ventured into the mythological genre with Raavan.   Will it be third time lucky, only time will tell!