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Women’s Day Special: Neha Sargam opines women are real heroes of serials

Neha Sargam (Ishita of Haar Jeet)

“The battle of sexes is on from generations. At least for this day we have a superior position from all the men in the world. In particular societies, women are conditioned to accept men as the superior sex, but all thanks to awareness and education that we got a chance to prove ourself like in Tellyworld, women are the real heroes of the serials. Here’s wishing all my fans a Happy Women’s Day. This day is meant for us, so enjoy it.”

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Ishita – Sun Sun Didi VM

Haar Jeet channel on YouTube

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If u ONLY want to see scenes of Neha Sargam, then visit the channel HaarJeet101’s channel, Which contains all the scenes from the point she has entered the show. Alongside with daily uploads by her fan Ketty, then u can also rewatch segments in which Neha Sargam has participated 🙂


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Neha Sargam is back – Times Of India

After playing the lead in Rajan Shahi’s Chaand Chhupa Badal Mein, Neha Sargam is back with Imagine TV’s Haar Jeet.

Sargam along with Hena Parmar and Kashif Khan will become a part of the show after it takes a leap this month. Parmar and Sargam will play Mahika and Ishita respectively and Kashif will play Sahil. The show began as a story of those children, who compromise their childhood fun and innocence by working at an early age, trying hard to live up to their parents dreams.

While the grown up Mahika accepts the reality and adjusts to the given conditions, Ishita still nurtures the dream to make it big in the glamour world. The story now comes to a crossroad where being sisters they have to fight each other for winning in life.

Neha says, “I am excited to play elder Ishita, I have been following the show and I love her character and her innocence. After the leap viewers will see a completely different Ishita.” Welcome back!

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