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Exclusive : Interview with Neha Sargam




     In a short span of time Neha Sargam, through her amazing portrayal of the girl-next-door Nivedita in the TV show ‘Chand Chupa Badal Mein’ , has won hearts of many. We have the pleasure to present Neha Sargam…..

Yes, Neha Sargam talks to her fans in an exclusive interview with Shova Tasnim…..


Who is your role model and inspires you the most?

I think my role model …well first of all is my grandfather…I do not personally get inspired or follow him, I actually worship him, and it is a blessing in life. Then I think my parents and my sister and everybody. One day I saw a person walking on the road and I noticed something about that person which inspired me. Any person who does something ” inspirational ” in life inspires me. And you people, you people come in that, you guys inspire me a lot.

Neha.. tell us a bit about your family, the support they have given to you, by your sister and parents, for your career in acting.

Well my family have supported me a lot in my career. At first when I was offered the role, I was a bit hesitant, but my parents have encouraged me and told me to try this opportunity that has come in my way. So I owe it to them that I did CCBM and they have supported me in every way possible and were there for me in each and every step. They love me unconditionally.

So did you ever think when you recently joined the TV industry that you will manage to capture so many hearts?

No, absolutely not. I never even thought of getting into the industry so this was a thought which was far, far behind. I mean I never ever planned for coming into the television industry. So to be in everybody’s heart wasn’t intentional, I wasn’t really aiming to be in everybody’s heart but striving to do my best and work from my heart and this lead me to capture the unconditional love of my fans.

After entering Chand Chupa Badal mein (CCBM), in the very first shoot what was it like? What was your initial thoughts when you began your first ever shoot?

Well I was very nervous; it was the first time I was ever acting. That was an experience which I can’t really explain. I think I was that nervous that I forgot half of the script. Then had to motivate myself to give the best I can… That was a scene that I wasn’t at all acting….I was all nerves as I never acted before. The first ever scene I did was that I was crying because my brother, Yash, was missing, that was the first scene I did in Shimla. That happens to be the first scene I have done, and a very emotional one which made it more difficult. I was curious as we did not know what has happened before, what will happen after this.

Nivedita Searching for Yash Scene:

Your best friends and close friends on the sets?

I think all the cast members were the best of my friends. Dadaji, Yashodhara Dadi, Chanchal Chachi were all very good friends. Also Vandana Chachi is a very good friend of mine, and then there is Rishma who played Divya. Me and Rishma actually gel a lot, others were surprised that we to gel so well… We shared the same make up room always and we are best of friends. Yash and aditiya bhaiya, Viren and Siddharth there were also my close friends. I think all of us bonded well together and got along and we actually had a blast together. I would always look forward to having fun and masti on the sets.

How would you sum up the CCBM experience?

It was a rollercoaster ride for me, it was very long, I definitely enjoyed the entire time. Every single day was a memory; every moment is a memory to cherish my entire life. I was with the best production house, best cast members, and I have been blessed to work in such a production house

Neha… we know you came on Indian Idol 4, and aspire to be a singer. So what was it like to be in Indian Idol 4 audition? Any funny or memorable memories you like to share with us? 

Indian Idol 4 audition was very nice, I thought I wasn’t able to perform as I wasn’t well …there was no such particular memory but just being a part of Indian idol is itself a memory, a nice memory to cherish.

You are first a singer. You are trained as a classical singer and have a strong background. Do you give performances in classical singing? Do you participate in the classical musical shows? Or have you completely diversified to Bollywood music? Any performances coming up?

I did perform in functions which was organised mainly for my Grandfather. There were many other daily competitions which I did participate. But nowadays I am away from all these. But if there is an opportunity I will be willing to performing classic music on stage. Though many people are not aware that I can perform classical music….

The audience and musicians have diversified. We do not have much audience for classical music these days, which is quite sad. Even big names in classical music have diversified to Bollywood music. I too have diversified myself but I am always there for any kind of classical music .

Are you planning to come out with a musical album in near future? What are your plans with respect to your singing?

I think it’s a good idea that is given. I have not planned anything as such *laughs* but that’s a very nice idea that I should consider releasing a music album. I would love to do a music album if I am offered or if I can find a way then I would definitely make one.

What do you enjoy more – Singing or Acting? Will you share your most memorable moments with both? Which was the most precious moment in your singing? What was your favourite scene as an actress?

I think that we can’t differentiate between the two of them because both acting and singing are best forms of art. I think acting is also an art and you can’t decide between these two significant things, like which is more enjoyable. I think both are equally important in therecent time.  I enjoy and love both acting and singing. Both hold many memorable and precious moments.

In CCBM, well, yes there is a particular scene where Nivedita stood up for her father Keshav. It was a scene; there is a big family confrontation. Nivedita’s Father is accused falsely and is insulted. Nivedita comes forward and starts defending her father against Dadaji, Dadiji, Siddharth and the rest of them. This was the best scene. I enjoyed doing it, because I actually felt like I was standing up for my own father. It was one of the most memorable and well conducted scenes.

Nivedita standing up for her father Scene:

On your FaceBook you said you will consider coming back into TV industry, so what kind of role would you like to do?

You people have give me an idea, I have been on India forum for a couple of times and there was a couple of fans who wanted me to host a reality show like saregamapa little champs, and even you people have suggested this, so I think I will definitely consider that if it comes my way, I would really love be a host of a reality show similar to this. Also I would love to do a character  which is very close to how I am , that means bubbly and fun loving like me and then the 3rd option which I will like to do is something that is periodic , like which shows the earlier era , something that has a periodic effect.

So what have you been doing these days as you are free from shooting and have a massive break? Anything fun and exciting happened? Any plans?

I have not given any audition in this break as of now but I will start later on. I think I will be enjoying my time with my family. Being in Mumbai for one year I still haven’t seen the gateway of India so I am going around Mumbai with my family, exploring, visiting place, shopping.

What is your idea of romance? What is your dream guy like?

I am not very much of a romantic person. My idea of romance… actually I haven’t given a thought.  The dream guy….well he has to be like my father.

What were your friends’ reactions to your celebrity status?

They were happy and actually they were prepared for it, they had confidence in me, so they were not much surprised that I got an offer.

Even in a short span of time you have managed to have a massive fan following you so any interesting incident with a fan?

Mmm I remember one of the fans who came from Kalyan –  few stations away from Mumbai. He was roaming on the sets waited for 6 hours to get a picture with me and but I was unaware that he was a fan and I mistook him for someone’s relative. I later came to know that he came all the way from Kalyan to meet me and get a picture clicked because he, his family members n his neighbours were very fond of me. But he was too shy and hesitant.. then my hair dresser encouraged him to come forward and meet me. I was very touched and gave my gratitude and respect for whatever he did…There are many other incidents as well but these ones remain really close to my heart..Often fans who met said “Please aap ro mat warna hum sab bhi rone lagte hain..We love when you smile and giggle..”

You are currently being missed so much by all your fans, any message you would like to convey?

I want to convey to my fans that whatever I am is because of them. I never expected this huge fan following or I never imagined people would be loving me so much so I am really overwhelmed. I am really grateful to all my fans that they have been loving me like this, this is an unconditional love and it’s a great thing to have. I love you all and thank you for your love and support and your comments.


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