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When “reel life” experience became “real” on the sets of Ramayan – Article

Sometimes, the thin line between reel and real life gets smudged. This is exactly what happened on the sets of Sagar Pictures’ Ramayan (Zee TV).

The cast and crew was shooting for Sita’s (Neha Sargam) bidaai sequence and the actors involved in the scene started weeping for real. Yes, we are talking about Neha and her parents in the show played by R K Dutta and Nitika Anand. They were shooting while the song that was playing in the background was Babul ki duayen leti ja.

Shared Neha: “I couldn’t stop crying as the sequence and the song reminded me of my father. I miss him a lot as I am shooting in Baroda and he is based in Mumbai. In fact, I continued crying for the entire week after that.”

RK Dutta on the other hand said, “I am from NSD (National School of Drama) hence every scene has to be real for me. I believe in want I am doing and I don’t fake it.”

Our source went on to add, “The cast also ended up crying because with Sita moving to Ram’s place… there will be very few scenes of her with her parents.”

Well…this is one cast and crew which is connected by threads of tears!!!

Courtesy: Telly Chakkar


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