The Multitalented Diva

Neha Sargam always wanted to do an epic role


Simplicity — that’s the word that best defines telly star Neha Sargam. Neha’s tryst with acting was an unplanned one. Music was the world she knew! After making her debut in the daily show, Chand Chhupa Baadal Mein, Neha played the bad girl in Haar Jeet, followed by a cameo in Punar Vivaah.

Now, she is gearing up to play the role of Sita in Ramayan, a role that had been much coveted and had top actresses angling for. In a light-hearted chat, Neha on the tinsel trek, her divine move, love and lots more.

Role Play
I never thought I will get to play Sita’s character ever in my life. It came as a pleasant surprise. Let me confess, it was always a fantasy to play a mythological character. Considering current soap trends, I wasn’t sure an epic like Ramayan would be remade and I’d get this lucky. My mom keeps telling me that I look like heroines in the ’60s. Also, many times on the set of Chand Chhupa… my crew members and co-actors would often ask me to strike a pose as goddess Durga or goddess Lakshmi when I’d wear a saree, saying I looked ‘divine’. I never knew that those fun sessions will turn real and I’d actually be playing a role like this. I’m very happy and feel blessed that I got through this role, especially since many top actresses had also been in running for the same.

Fitness Fundas
Many people told me that I am looking svelte and slimmer of late and it is true. When I was doing Chand Chupa…, my face was chubby and I was pleasantly plump because the role demanded a girl who was very ordinary. Once the show went off air, I started working out, jogging and eating right, and all puppy fat vanished from my face, which has made people think that I’ve reduced drastically. I was never a fitness freak till I got my first acting project. I thought I’d do an MBA, followed by some singing venture — but as I got into acting, I knew how essential it was to stay and look fit. Since then, I’ve stopped being the foodie that I was and take care of the way I look.

Music Mania
Had I not been an actor, I would have been a singer. I hail from a family where everyone sings and that’s what I’d love to do professionally. It would be great to be the part of a show like Star Ya Rockstar. However, I don’t want to make a career out of music and earn money. In our family, we worship music.

Family Album
I’m a complete family person. If I ever travelled out of town for exams or visited relatives without my family members, on most occasions I’d fall sick. I’m very close to both my mom and dad. For me nothing’s more important than my family and friends. I’m not a party animal and prefer to stay home and spend time with my loved ones. My friends often call me a mood spoiler, but I don’t want to be seen as a partying sort of person.

NO time for love
I don’t believe in the concept of having a boyfriend. I don’t think I want someone to follow me wherever I go. The only male friend I have is my dad. My mom’s my best friend. I never felt the need to have anyone special in my life apart from them. I feel love may not even happen to me ever and I’ll probably settle for an arranged marriage some point in life, but it will have to wait for now.


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