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Celebrities speak on India’s Independence day – Neha Sargam


 Wishing Indians around the world a very happy independence day. Here is what some of your favorite stars had to say about our country and the way they like to celebrate this victorious day:

—- Sriti Jha: The day generally begins with the flag hoisting in my building atrium I think the solution to most problems is education so we must work towards that. Love ones country, be proud of it and work towards making it a better world.

—- Ragini Khanna: The biggest change we can bring is to changing ourselves there is no bigger favour we can do to our country by leading a justiciable life.   —– Gia Manek: Celebrate it wid a smile, cherish it and value it.

—- Parul Choudhary: Since the word itself is independence then the day should be dedicated to freedom, let everyone strongly support a cause closest to their heart. I personally support SAVE THE TIGER campaign & SAVE THE GIRL CHILD campaign so I am gonna spend the day supporting both causes. INDIA needs one major change and that is CORRUPTION…all of us need to take this seriously & do everything for anti- corruption at our individual levels..after paying so much tax every year & with additional taxes levied each financial year the common man is battling expenses rising by the day. All of us strongly need to support ANTI CORRUPTION.   —

– Gaurav Chopra: Nothing much. I like to wear indian clothes,there is a subtle feeling of it being a special day. I think India needs to be more ‘answerable’. The system needs to b more professional about the responsibilities and their execution, if a job has to be done, road to be made, policies to be implemented; do it well,and if you can’t,there should be explanations and dismissals from seat of power,like in a professional ,corporate set up. The people should develop the habit of asking questions and demanding answers. Stay united and only support people who can act as ‘good managers’ and throw away anyone who can’t/wont work or help your country.

—– Deepraj Rana: Like to see my national flag go up and thank the souls of the great people who fought and gave there life for our independence. India has a long way to go. Water,electricity and roads are three basic needs but more than half of our country is deprived of. The only way they can have these thongs is if corruption goes…

—– Yashashree Masurkar: I try to attend my school ceremony on 15th aug!I love those patriotic songs playing in background! Those lil flags everywhere! Those cute kids humming those songs and giving a small speech! I just love that!!! I think the biggest change we need is no corruption! We all are part of this corruption process try not to break the law and not to b corrupt! Let’s start it from ourself and one day India will be a non corrupt country

—- Sayan Sur Roy (fashion photographer). Every India day I wake up with a new hope of an uncorrupt government and a powerful nation with people enjoying their human rights to the core. I am sure this dream will prevail one day for my faith prevails. Thanks, sayan sur roy ….

—-Neha Sargam: 15th of august is my grand father’s death anniversary so we start with a havan and after that we make sure we celebrate it in the same way we did wid our grandfather, with jalebi and puri bhaji and watch Doordarshan’s special independence day program. I’ve been watching it since childhood We the citizen of India need to bring the change within our selves, the mentality of always depending on others to get our work done or blame others for not doing their work properly. And its not some pageant winning speech, I mean it. I try to follow what Ii believe and sometimes I fail but sometimes I do pass  

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