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Neha Sargam to enter Punar Vivah

Neha Sargam may have found her way into your hearts with her shy and sweet portrayal of a demure, middle-class Indian girl in her first soap but the role she has just signed up for is one that is in stark contrast to this image.

Entering Punar Vivaah in the coming week, Neha will be seen playing a rather feisty,  vivacious, spunky daughter of a powerful politician.   Speaking of her role, Neha said, “I’m very glad to be playing a role that is a complete departure from what I have essayed so far. When I heard the producer and writer, Shashiji’s (Mittal) narration of the role, I was reminded of Parineeti Chopra’s strong character from Ishaqzaade. She’s nobody’s doormat. She has a mind of her own and will fight for what she believes in! That’s what attracted me to the role!”   In the upcoming track of Punar Vivaah, an influential minister (played Sai Balal) approaches the hero, Yash (played by actor Gurmeet Choudhary), a wedding planner by profession, to help plan the swankiest wedding ever for his daughter (played by Neha Sargam)! However, within days of being introduced to her, Yash finds out that the minister’s daughter is devastated at the idea of marrying the man her father has chosen for her and the headstrong girl that she is, she’s all set to end her life if she can’t have her way! It is at this point that Yash intervenes, saves her life and the two begin to develop a very close bond. This new relationship in her husband’s life will make the heroine Aarti (played by Kratika Sengar) rather uncomfortable.  The presence of this new woman in Yash’s life and his constant commitment towards being by her side at all times will serve as a catalyst for Aarti to come to terms with the fact that even though she had married Yash for the care of their children, she has now begun to harbor strong feelings for him.   So will Aarti express her love for husband Yash soon enough and save her marriage or will Neha Sargam’s character emerge as the other woman and be the third angle to what seems to be a love triangle brewing in the upcoming plot of Punar vivaah? Stay tuned to Punar Vivaah.

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