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‘I would love to do something periodic ‘- Neha Sargam

By hinz

Posted on 17 May 2012 at 3:49pm

Today’s TV generation has grown to fame by leaps and bounds and has a much wider outreach thanks to modern technology like the internet .We at Fuze got in touch with young TV actress Neha Sargam to know her views on Indian television today and also to know more about her………..

1- What is your view on Indian television today…

– Indian television has grown to be a very huge medium in the entertainment industry, If not bigger, it’s no less than the silver screen in every SENSE.

2- Recently there had been a hype regarding the liplock on ‘Bade Acchi Lagte Hain’, would you support it if the script demanded so and why?

– Well I haven’t seen it, if at all it is true don’t know what is the hype all about, TV industry has introduced it in the early of 90′s in shows like ‘Hubahu’ and ‘Banegi Apni Baat’ and shows like that in a more fashionable manner….Well, I won’t be comfortable with a scene like that even if it is a script’s demand.

3- You did some remarkable roles and even participated on a singing reality show, which on eyou find yourself much on?

– I would love to do different lines of role like after portraying an extremely positive character Nivedita in ‘Chand Chuppa Badal Mein’, I played a character that was very much different with little grey shades as Ishita in Haar Jeet…. I enjoy to the core of my heart and soul the inborn singing and recently discovered acting both art forms…very much equally… :)

4- Your views on imagine TV sudden shut down since you worked in it?…

– Well it was very unprofessional on IMAGINE’S part and very inhuman coz almost 1000s of IMAGINE’S officials, actors and technicians lost their job in a zap…. I was more worried about spot people, light men and all for whom it’s important to earn daily…

5- A dream role you would love to portray…

– I would love to do something periodic, which represents an era or something that is promising and challenging, I have loved my journey so far, but don’t think have given my best…. Will keep improving and working hard…..


6- Your favourite actor and actress from television/ Bollywood…

.- Well few are my favourites like almost all the actors from the golden era…and from today it has to be Madhuri Dixit, Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan and many others, I guess they all have a distinct quality, I admire good work…. TV actors, recently Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanvar, basically anyone delivering good work…

7- Whom would you like to see in Jhalak Dhikla Ja 5? Would you participate if given a chance?…

– Would like to see people who are actually non dancers, out of the film or TV industry… Most of the times they gather famous people from the TV and films rather than a non dancer, not that they shouldn’t involve TV actors, but those who are non dancers… Oh yes would love to be a part of the show isi bahane will get a chance to learn few forms of dancing even in a shallow terms.

8- A message to your fans at….

– I feel extremely blessed and overwhelmed with the kind of love and response I have got in such a short span of time and career… And I believe after hard work only one thing more makes a person a star and that is the unconditional love and appreciation of fans… And I always work keeping few things in my mind that what I’m doing should make me my family and my fans proud and happy… I love them and owe them a lot…

We at fuze wish Neha all the best and hope that she returns soon on screen as her fans surely miss her a lot.

Reporter and Author: Zainab

Editor: Hina


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