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Monday Shopaholics With Neha Sargam!

Tellybuzz brings you a new Monday column on ‘Confessions of Tellywood Shopaholics’. This week we have Neha Sargam with us who was recently seen playing the character of Ishika on Imagine Tv’s show Haar Jeet. We tried to find out Neha’s shopping interests.

Are you a shopaholic?
No, I am not a shopaholic. I go for shopping, but I’m not really kicked about it.

How often do you go for shopping?
Very often. Whenever my family and friends go for shopping, I also like to go with them.

What are the things you shop the most for?
I mostly shop for clothes, shoes and bags.

What is your dream shopping destination?
I don’t have any dream shopping destination in my wishlist.

Where do you prefer shopping in Mumbai?
I prefer to go to Oberoi and Inorbit Mall to shop in Mumbai.

Quick Fire: What would you buy?

If you were given Rs. 10: A Cadbury chocolate.

If given Rs. 100: I love Coffee. So, I would like to purchase coffee.

If given Rs. 1000: I would buy lots of fruits and vegetables. (laughs)

If given Rs. 1 Lakh: I will keep all the money in the bank.

If given Rs. 1 crore: I would like to invest it. I will buy some property with it.

Please share with us how do you feel after shopping?
I feel tired and hungry every time after returning from shopping.

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