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Will Divya back out from marriage in Chand Chupa? | 7900

Marriage season is on in Star Plus and Rajan Shahi’s Chand Chupa Badal Mein and the families are getting ready for the marriage ceremony of Siddharth (Abhishek Tewari) and Divya (Rishma Roshlani).

A buzz has come to us that Divya might back out from the marriage ceremony as she will come to know about Nivedita (Neha Sargam) and Siddharth’s love affair.

An insider from the sets informs, “The marriage preparations are on for Siddharth and Divya’s  wedding, but Divya is somehow not feeling that good because she is worried about the changed behavior of Siddharth. Siddharth too on the other hand is keeping quitet as he loves Nivedita (Neha Sargam) and not Divya.”

A source says, “Divya will get to know about the love affair of Nivedita and Siddharth soon and  there are possibilities of her backing out from the marriage on the marriage eve. Siddharth is also keeping mum, but soon the silence will be broken and there will be some high voltage drama. If not on marriage eve, Divya will get to know about Siddharth and Nivedita’s affair after marriage that will give another way to the show to proceed.”

We contacted Abhishek Tewari to know more on the happening he says, “Yes, a very electrifying sequence is going to occur on the marriage eve as there are high chances of break up.”

Rishma Roshlani says, “I don’t know anything about the further happening as right now the dance sequence before marriage is going on, so really clueless about the happening.”

That means the show is going to have some spicy sequence within few weeks!

via Will Divya back out from marriage in Chand Chupa? | 7900.


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