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Sid refuses to marry Divya; Viren accepts to marry Nivi | 8052

Rajan Shahi’s Chand Chupa Badal Mein on Star Plus has been going thro’ some major drama of late, but tonight’s episode will take it to a new crescendo, which will leave the protagonist Nivedita (Neha Sargam) in dilemma!!

A source close to TellyBuzz informs, “In today’s episode Siddharth (Abhishek Tewari) will get to know the truth of Viren (Kinshuk Mahajan) and Nivedita, that they are faking a relationship and that Nivi is still in love with him and not Viren. He will also get to know that Nivi is sacrificing her love so that her sister Divya (Rishma Roshlani) and Sid get happily married. In simple words, she does not want Divya to go thro’ a heartbreak”.

So how does Sid react on knowing this? It’s very obvious!! He simply backs out from marrying Divya. But there’s more coming!!

“After knowing the fact, Sid declares before all that he will not marry Divya. In order to save Nivi from facing further humiliation, Viren all of a sudden proclaims before the family that he is in love with Nivedita, and wants to marry her. This leaves Nivi and all others shell-shocked”, quips our source.

So now, we come back to the same point – Will Nivedita sacrifice her love and get married to Viren?

If sources are to be believed, the channel and production house might be planning for a dual marriage soon in the show!! We hear that Viren and Nivedita will be forced by the situations prevailing to accept one another!! On the other hand, Sid and Divya might go thro’ a lavish wedding.

When contacted, Neha Sargam confirmed the buzz of Siddharth refusing to marry Divya. “I really don’t have any idea about whats happening in the track but one thing I can tell you is that Nivedita is totally confused about her love and friendship”.

via Sid refuses to marry Divya; Viren accepts to marry Nivi | 8052.


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