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Kinshuk turns psychotic for Chand Chupa Badal Mein.. | 8347

Kinshuk Mahajan played the chocolate boy Ranveer in Director’s Kut’s popular show Bidaai after which he returned to the same production house with their other show on Star Plus, Chand Chupa Badal Mein.

His entry brought in a curiosity factor to the storyline, and today Viren, the character he plays in the show has won lot praise. Now, the buzz is that the character will further undergo a twist wherein he will be projected as a psychotic who is too much in love with Nivedita (Neha Sargam).

We hear that the story ahead will take a dramatic turn where it will be shown that Viren has a hidden personality within him and this will reveal his dark side.

Director’s Kut who has till now developed extremely positive characters, will for the first time be churning out a character who is completely obsessed in love and can go to any limit for his own love.

When contacted, Kinshuk accepted the graphical change that his character will have and said, “Viren is a passionate lover and if you call him as psychotic, so be it (smiles). When Rajan Sir and Ritesh Sir earlier narrated the character of Viren to me, I took it up as a challenge. After Bidaai, I had to play something different, and I was getting lot many offers. But Rajan Sir convinced me that this character has a lot of scope and has few shades,  which will not  be visible to the viewers initially. Viren loves Nivedita a lot and whatever he does is for his love. All I can say is that whenever a person has a lot of love inside, may be he becomes obsessed, or as I am labeled today – psychotic (smiles), but it’s all for love”.

Elaborating further, Kinshuk says, “Rajan Sir and our creative Ritesh Modi Sir had told me that I should not be looking at what Viren does in 2010. Instead I should be looking at what the character does in the year 2011. Rajan Sir had told me that I will be the new face of the hero of DKP in the year 2011, and today I can understand what he exactly meant”.

“This track will provide for lot of intriguing moments which will raise questions like ‘Why is Viren doing the disappearing act’, ‘What exactly is his past’, ‘What kind of love does he have for Nivi, and will he stand by her for life’… All I would tell my fans is that I am excited to see the growth that my character has got. There will be loads of unexpected turns wherein Viren will love Nivi by exceeding all limits. You can experience the most unexpected, and all this happens for love”, adds Kinshuk.

We hear that the revelation of Viren being a psychotic will unfold in the next few episodes..

We tried calling Rajan Shahi, but he remained unavailable…

Guess this brings in a new element of intrigue to the show now…

via Kinshuk turns psychotic for Chand Chupa Badal Mein.. | 8347.


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