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Who will Siddharth marry? –

As per the promo, both of them have started grooming themselves for their respective engagements with Siddharth, but both are unaware about the fact that they have fallen for the same guy.

When contacted, Siddharth said, “There is no confusion for me, as I am in love with Nivedita. I’m looking forward to the engagement.” He added that Divya and her parents are confused. “It’s unfair that my chacha and chachi are playing games with the Sharma family. However, my mom and I are sure about who I am going to marry.”

When contacted, Nivedita said, “I am really looking forward to the engagement and recently Siddharth and I shared a romantic moment for the first time.”

Divya is still confused about the engagement. She still believes that Siddharth is getting engaged to her. “I am in love Siddharth and feel that he loves me too. I am happy that in a few days I will get engaged to Siddharth. Even Nive is also happy with this engagement.”

In the current track, we have seen that engagement is fixed as both Soods and Sharmas are very happy with the marriage proposal of Siddharth. Herein lies the confusion: The Soods sent a shagun to the Sharma’s asking for their daughter’s hand in marriage for Siddharth. However, in an attempt to cause rift between the families, Chanchal informs Hemlata that the Shagun is for Divya while in reality it is actually for Nivedita. conduted a poll among its users to find out who is better suited for Siddharth- Divya or Nivedita? The verdict was unanimous with a majority of votes in favour of Nivedita. Most of the audience feel that Divya is still young and not mature enough to get married at this stage. As per the audience poll 56% want Siddharth to marry Nivedita while 30% think he should settle down with Divya.

via Who will Siddharth marry? –


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