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What has Viren planned for Siddharth? –

Viren will plant the mask that he used while stalking Nivedita in Siddharth’s room so that everyone believes that Siddharth is the stalker. Besides the high drama there will also be a lot of celebration anddance at the party.

We spoke to the Creative head of the show, Ritesh who said “The upcoming episodes will have a lot of excitement and drama. Viren will place his mask in Siddharth’s room and what the viewers needto watch out for is whether Siddharth falls into the trap or whether it isViren who gets caught”. Speaking about other aspects of the party sequence hesays “There will be a lot of song and dance involving the lead characters butit will not be a choreographed sequence”.

Nivedita aka Neha Sargam says “All of us will be dancing and having a blastat the anniversary party. However the highlight is that I will find out something. You need to watch the episode to see what the big revelation is”.

Viren aka Kinshuk Mahajan says “This time I am sure that my plan is going to work and that I will get my revenge. All I can say for now is that somethingbig is going to happen at the party”.

via What has Viren planned for Siddharth? –


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