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What’s in store for the Maha episode? Find out!

What makes it worse for Nivi is that Sid, who she was in love with before she married Viren, also supports the family’s decision. However, Nivi gets support from her husband Viren, who stands up for her and question’s the family’s decision.

A source told us that the family questions Nivedita’s mental balance, and believes she tried committing suicide because she was removing a rope that was stuck in the fan. Nivedita is trying to tell everyone that her actions are being misinterpreted and that she’s being set up. However, her mother-in-law, Chanchal, tells her that the reason Nivi’s mother committed suicide was because of her mental instability. Sid also agrees with them and the family is ready to take Nivedita to the hospital, but Viren intervenes and says that he will try and find the culprit who is torturing Nivedita.

Siddharth, played by Abhishek Tewari says, “Nivedita would be taken for psychiatric treatment. With recent events, it shows that something is bothering Nivedita. To be on the safer side, I have agreed with the family. If she’s fine then I will be happy. Viren will try and stop us and there will be a confrontation between us. You have to see what happens next.”

Nivedita says, “I don’t know why the family is against me. Chanchal maa is questioning my sanity and even Sid refuses to believe me. The family tries to forcefully take me to the doctor, but Viren intervenes. You have to see what happens next.”

Viren, who is Nivi’s support system says, “I will try and stop the family and challenge Sid and show that my wife is innocent.”

via What’s in store for the Maha episode? Find out!.


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