The Multitalented Diva

Viren to undergo a transformation? –

A source reveals, “After Viren recovers from his accident, he is touched by the concern and love of his family. He realizes that they are genuinely worried for him and are taking extra care of him. He gradually realizes the importance of family and that’s all thanks to Nivedita’s efforts. There will be a huge change in his behavior towards Nivedita and he will not humiliate her like before.”

However, the source also adds, “After Viren patches up with his family and lets bygones be bygones, Nivedita feels that she has completed her duty towards the Sood family. She will announce that she is returning to her parental home. Her decision will stun everyone including Viren.”

Nivedita aka Neha Sargam elaborates, “I am worried about Viren and hope that he recovers soon. Once Viren recovers, I will once again try to convince him that his family members are not his enemies and that they really care for him. I want to fulfill my promise to Dadaji and bring Viren back into the family.”

How will Viren and the Sood family react to Nivedita’s decision? Will Viren stop her from leaving the house?

via Viren to undergo a transformation? –


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