The Multitalented Diva

Viren to divorce Nivedita

A source reveals the dramatic twist: “This would be a major change of events in the show. After Viren gave away the employees’ salaries to a charity, it created further differences between Nivedita and him. Nivedita will repeatedly try to convince him not to ruin his life and the family’s honour. She will tell him persistently that they have a wonderful life together and that they love each other. Instead of reassuring him, these statements will push Viren to take a life altering decision and he will plan to divorce Nivedita.”

Creative Head of the show, Ritesh says: “Currently Viren’s goal in life is to make life hell for his family members especially Siddharth and his grandfather Dadasaheb. But Nivedita keeps persuading him to forget everything and be a good person. Viren doesn’t like hearing that. He wants to stick to his adamant stance and doesn’t want Nivedita’s interference in his revenge plan. Viren tells her constantly to leave his house as there is no place for her in his life but she doesn’t accept that decision. Nivedita’s advice, her sweet-talk, her attempts to convince Viren to be righteous, angers and frustrates him. He will decide to get rid of her via a divorce. Viren will sign the divorce papers and hand them over to a shocked Nivedita.”

Viren too expressed his state of mind to us: “I want revenge for all wrong doings from my family and Nivedita keeps interfering with my plan. I won’t tolerate her anymore and have decided to choose an alternative to be free of her.”

We tried calling Nivedita but she was unavailable for comment.

How would Nivedita react when she learns about the divorce? Will she sign the divorce papers? How family members react to this shocking news?

via Viren to divorce Nivedita.


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