The Multitalented Diva

Viren and Siddharth want to marry Nivi –

Just before the baraat moves out, Sid says that he isn’t in love with Divya, and will say that he doesn’t want to marry her.

A source told us, “Sid has realised that Nivi and Viren were staging a drama during the sangeet to make him jealous. Now that he knows that Nivi still loves him and did what she did out of respect to the family and love for her elder sister, Divya, he will opt out of marrying Divya. This is despite the fact that Divya is in love with Sid herself. There will be huge drama when Sid confesses his love for Nivi in front of the elders.”

The source further added that even Viren would confess his love for Nivi in front of the Sood family. “This will be a huge shock to the family members and will enrage Chanchal and Dadi, who hate Nivedita. The drama will unfold tonight,” added the source.

There is also buzz that Sid marries Divya and Viren weds Nivi, though there is no confirmation to this.

When contacted Siddharth said, “I know that Nivi staged the entire sequence where she pretended to be in love with Viren. This shows that she still loves me. I love her too and would like to marry her. I know that my brother Viren is in love with Nivi and now you’ll just have to see the drama.”

We also spoke to Viren Sood who said that he too is in love with Nivi. “My feelings are genuine,” he said.

We tried calling Nivi aka Neha Sargam who didn’t revert back to our calls.

via Viren and Siddharth want to marry Nivi –


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