The Multitalented Diva

Viren’s devious plan revealed –

The main purpose behind this exercise is to act against his brother, Siddharth.

Our source says, “Viren hates Sid and wants to make his life hell. He really doesn’t care about Nivi, but has married her just for personal gain and his plan is to get revenge on Siddharth. He will blame Siddharth for a lot of things to spite him, while trying to show Nivi that he (Viren) is actually innocent.”

The show’s creative head, Ritesh said, “Viren isn’t a negative character, but more of an anti-hero. He has shades of grey. In the upcoming episodes the audience will watch the background story that tells us why Viren wants revenge.”

Kinsuk Mahajan, who plays Viren said, “I have some plans, which is why I’m troubling Nivi. Let the audience see what happens next because I’m very unpredictable.”

Nivedita aka Neha Sargam, “I am really confused with what’s happening in my life right now. At this point I doubt Sid because whenever I am in trouble he is always there.”

via Viren’s devious plan revealed –


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