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STAR Plus couples advice for Avani-Bhaskar –

Naitik aka Karan Mehra – I just want to tell Avani and Bhaskar to be a good support system to each other. For any successful marriage both, the husband and wife, should realize their responsibilities at home. They should also have trust, care and love for each other. I wish them a happy married life.

Aditya aka Raqesh Vashisht – Bhaskar, marriage is not a cup of tea to be gulped but it is a huge responsibility. Now that you are married, your responsibility has increased. Be with Avani always. Trust her, support her and don’t make hasty decisions which would affect your married life.

Suhana aka Ragini Khanna- My best wishes to both Bhaskar and Avani. She is very responsible and sweet person and I just hope that Avani gets all the love and support from her in-laws. I hope she gets a Badi ma like I got in Ishaan’s home.

Ishaan aka Jay Soni- My advice to Avani is to stick to her principles, no matter what. I am sure that she will definitely have her husband supporting her throughout.

Priya aka Riddhi Dogra- Avani, just be strong and never lose hope, no matter how tough the situations at your in-laws place is. Even I had to face a tough situation but I continued to fight and will do so in the future. Another piece of advice would be that do not forget your parents after your marriage. Your relationship with them should never change.

Nivedita aka Neha Sargam– I am going through a tough time in my marriage so my advice is the lesson I learnt. Have faith in yourself and your husband but not blind faith. Listen to your instincts Avani and listen to what your friends and family too have to say.

via STAR Plus couples advice for Avani-Bhaskar –


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