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Siddharth to make amends

He is now repenting holding Keshav responsible for the fraud and also losing the love of his life-Nivedita in the process. We spoke to Siddharth to find out about how he plans to correct his past mistakes.

A sad Siddhath says “I have realized that Nivi was right and am feeling guilty for all the pain I made her go through because of my accusations against Keshav uncle”. So what will Siddhath do next? “Now that I have realized that Jawahar uncle is guilty of committing the fraud my first step will be to take charge of the business. I have to protect my business from him before he causes more loss to our company”.

However Siddharth is also very concerned about Nivedita and confesses that he still loves her. “My feelings for Nivedita had never changed but I now have Divya in my life and have to keep her feelings in mind too”. “Right now I am worried about how I will protect her from Viren who has found out about her identity. I have to make sure that he does not harm her in any way” he says.

Siddharth seems to be going through a lot of turmoil with his personal and professional life in a mess but he is determined to put everything right. “I have decided to take charge of my life and correct all the mistakes that I had made in the past” he reveals.

We wish Siddharth good luck and hope he is successful in his endeavor.

We also spoke to Viren ( Kinshuk Mahajan) who has just found out that Nivedita is Keshav’s daughter. “It was a very big shock when I realized that the girl who I helped so many times is Keshav Sharma’s daughter. I cannot express my feelings at the moment in words” says an angry Viren. “I cannot reveal how I will react now, you will find out I the upcoming episodes” he adds.

via Siddharth to make amends.


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