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Siddharth – Nivedita to join hands?

LINK: Siddharth – Nivedita to join hands? –

Dad Siddharth will decide to bring up his daughter but Divya’s mother Hemlata, will become highly possessive of her grand-daughter, giving rise to major drama in the family.

A STAR source elaborates, “Siddharth with Nivedita’s help will take up the responsibility of taking care of Divya’s baby, but Hemlata, Divya’s mother will raise questions regarding the way Preeti is taken care of. Her interference will lead to major drama in the coming up episodes.”

A disturbed Siddharth aka Abhishek Tiwari says, “I don’t know how I will be able to handle the responsibility of taking care of my child as it’s a huge task for me. I am missing my wife a lot too. At this point in time, I have become both mother and father to Preeti. There are some dramatic twists with Divya’s mother as she will get possessive about Preeti and that will lead to a tussle between her and me.”

Talking about bomb blast culprit, he says, “Over a period of time, we will know that it’s Bhai who planted the bomb in the car to kill Nivedita.”

Nivedita aka Neha Sargam too adds, “I have to be very strong after Divya di’s death. I will always miss her but at same time I will ensure her baby is taken care of as it will be a huge responsibility. I know Hemlata chachi will not like my decision and it might create further differences between us.”


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