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‘Sid-Nivi’ break up, enter Kinshuk Mahajan! |

Fans of Siddarth and Nivedita will soon be disappointed as the couple will call it splits in Chand Chupa Baadal Mein, while fans of Kinshuk Mahajan can rejoice as he enters the show next week.

A source informs, “Sid and Nivi will finally officially call it off tomorrow. In a major confrontation that happens between the two, Nivedita decides to throw Sid out of her life and questions him about the family blame game. In an earlier episode, Siddharth’s family tells him about his father’s death and he believes his family and goes against Nivedita. However this will mark the entry of Kinshuk who will eventually fall for Nivedita.”

Kinshuk confirms this and says, “I will start shooting tomorrow and my entry will be telecast either on Monday or Tuesday. I can’t tell you much about the role but I can say it’s a different character am playing and I am the lead of the show.”

via ‘Sid-Nivi’ break up, enter Kinshuk Mahajan! |


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