The Multitalented Diva

Sid celebrates Viren-Nivi’s anniversary

In a dramatic turn of events, Bhaiyaji, who is released from jail, is planning to kill Nivedita in front of her beloved family at the party.

A STAR source reveals, “Everyone is busy preparing for the grand celebration in the Sood house as Siddharth is planned to celebrate the wedding anniversary of his brother Viren and Nivedita, leaving behind his grief. At the same time, Bhaiyaji, who was in jail since the past six months is released. He still hasn’t given up on his plans to take revenge from Nivedita. He will enter the Sood house as a waiter as he has plans to kill Nivedita in front of everyone. No one is aware of his release from jail or presence in the house. Siddharth wants Nivedita to be with Viren and enjoy the day. He wants her to let go of her responsibilities of his daughter Dwita. So engrossed is he about the party that he has forgotten that that would be his wedding anniversary too.”

An excited Siddharth Sood aka Abhishek Tiwari says, “I have organized this huge celebration part for their marriage anniversary as I want Nivi and Viren to enjoy their life and forget all the bad memories of the past few months. I want them to be happy on this day. I am missing Divya a lot yet I feel she is very much with me. I have invited the Sharmas too for this celebration.”

A happy Viren aka Kinshuk Mahajan says, “I am happy that we all are together celebrating Nivedita and my marriage anniversary. I am thankful to Sid who has organized this huge party for us.”

Link: Sid celebrates Viren-Nivi’s anniversary.


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