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Sid and Nivedita part ways, Viren makes an entry

Kinshuk plays Viren who is Jawahar and Chanchal’s son in the show. However unlike Ranvir who was a positive character Viren will have grey shades to his personality. The actor will be seen in trendy outfits and a sporty look in the show.

Kinshuk says “ My role as Viren is full of action and I will be performing many stunts. It is totally different from Ranvir of Bidaai”.

Speaking about the love track with Nivedita he says “ There is definitely going to be a love triangle with me, Nivedita and Siddharh. So my fans can look forward to some romantic moments between me and Nivi.”

“The most exciting part of playing Viren is the attitude of my character. I know its going to be a challenge but I promise my fans that I will not let them down”, says Kinshuk with a smile.

Currently in Chaand Chhupa Badal Mein, Siddharth and Nivedita have decided to end their relationship after finding out some secrets about their family history. We spoke to Siddharth (Abhisek Tewari) and found out about his feelings after the latest turn of events.

Siddharth says “I am standing up for my family. I have found out that Nivedita’s father is responsible for my father’s death and know that I am not wrong.” “I love Nivedita but it is like and undercurrent because my family is more important right now “he adds sadly.

“There are mixed feelings as I know that I can never stop loving Nivedita but then I am also sad and confused after learning the truth about my father’s death.I have now decided to take control of the situation and support my family because I know they need my support more than ever now,” says Siddharth.

via Sid and Nivedita part ways, Viren makes an entry.


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