The Multitalented Diva

Sid and Nivedita bury the past and move on

We spoke to a distraught Sid, who said, “I’m shocked that Nivi married Viren for the sake of Divya’s happiness. I admire her sacrifice. At the same time, as much as I love her, I’ll have to move on as I’m married to Divya. I will always be there for Nivi, but it will take time to fall in love with Divya.”

He added: I still love Nivi, but Divya is my responsibility. Divya loves me unconditionally, which adds to the dilemma, but it will take time to reciprocate the love. However, right now, my aim is to protect Nivi from my family.

Viren, who is Nivi’s husband said, “I’m happy to be married to Nivi, but at the same time, I have to look out for her as my family disapproves of her. I love her and will be there for her.”

When we spoke to Nivedita, she said, “I’ve done all this for Divya di, as she loves Sid unconditionally. I’m very appreciative of the support I’ve received from Sid and Viren regarding their family’s reaction to me. I will take the insults for the sake of their happiness, but Sid and Viren are there for me. I hope Sid moves on and I hope to start afresh with Viren.”

A STAR Plus source adds, “As the guests arrive at Sood’s house for the post-marriage celebrations, a certain lady discloses that she has seen Sid and Nivi together. This truth would shake the whole family especially Chanchal and Dadi. This will bring more burden to Nivi.”

via Sid and Nivedita bury the past and move on.


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