The Multitalented Diva

Nivedita justifies her attachment to Dwiti



Her over protectiveness for Dwita is causing trouble in her relationship with her husband, Viren, and other family members too.

Nivedita Sood aka Neha Sargam spoke her heart out about the emotions she is feeling and why she is fixated on Dwita. “Yes, I am slightly possessive about Divyadi’s daughter, Dwita, and I have reasons for that. First of all, I love the little baby very much and consider her as my daughter. Secondly, woh mere didi ki aakhri nishani hain and I want to take care of her at any cost as now after didi’s death, Dwita is my responsibility. But I also understand that getting too worried and paranoid about her well being is affecting me and my near ones. I hope eventually my family members understand what I am going through and help me instead of questioning my stance.”

Furthermore she adds, “I know it will be very difficult for me to handle Viren and my relationship with him, but I hope to convince him about the need for my focus on Dwita right now. She is a small child and requires my full time attention. I know he will understand my problem and will support me. I think office and work is not as important as Dwita’s upbringing and care because ultimately, I am answerable to Divyadi. I hope with the passage of time everything will be fine.”

Link Nivedita justifies her attachment to Dwiti.



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