The Multitalented Diva

Nivedita has a special visitor for Ganesh Chaturthi

She plays a Maharashtrian woman – who is dressed in the traditional nine yard sari and ornaments – who visits Nivedita. She realises that Nivedita is upset and advises her to pray to Lord Ganesh by following the rituals as he solves the problems of his devotees. Hence, Nivedita follows her advice.

“Shilpaji is in the show to calm down Nivedita who is stressed and puzzled. She feels guilty because she is upsetting her family as well as her boyfriend Siddharth. Shilpaji, through her divine intervention establishes Ganpati in our house and performs the aarti. I cannot disclose what decision I will take after praying to Ganpati”, says Nivedita.

Shilpa says: “Nivedita is in a dilemma and that’s where I come in. I play Dadi’s friend’s daughter who has come from Mumbai. I realize that Nivedita is upset and give her an idol of Ganeshji who will guide her and help her during this difficult time. Currently it is just a cameo appearance so I cannot say whether I will be back on the show in the future.”

Shilpa who had taken a break from acting says that she is considering some offers on television but does not want to speak about them until she signs anything.

Fans of the show can expect to see an exciting turn in the show with Lord Ganesh helping Nivedita to take her decisions.

Catch up on the latest in the show: Siddharth calls up and informs his mother that Nivedita has decided to sacrifice her love for Divya’s sake. Keshav and Pratap have a tiff after Keshav informs him that Siddharth loves Nivedita and not Divya. However Pratap is determined to unite Nivedita and Siddharth and decides to inform Chachaji about their love for each other. Nivedita pleads with him not to do so because Divya will be heartbroken but is unsuccessful in convincing him.

via Nivedita has a special visitor for Ganesh Chaturthi.


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