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Nivedita attempts to turn Viren into an honorable man! –

Nivedita attempts to turn Viren into an honorable man!

When the Sood family saw the true colors of Viren on last week’s Chaand Chupa Badal Mein, it shocked everyone completely. The most shocked were the fans who adored him. Now the real challenge for Nivedita is to help Viren see the goodness in him and turn him back into the virtuous and honorable person that he is. But can she do it?

To confirm this, a source from says, “Nivedita eventually will succeed in making Viren a morally upright and honest man. But how does this transformation take place should be interesting to watch.”

The creative head of the show Ritiesh further elaborates, “Nivedita has promised Dadasaheb that she would urge and help Viren to become a better person and she has slowly begun convincing Viren of the goodness in his heart. She is trying to bring him closer to his family, which she feels is the most essential bond in his life. Once she is assured that Viren knows deep in his heart that his family loves him the way he is and will stand by him, she will try to make a place for herself in his life. She has already started working her way into his heart by playing small tricks. Viren is tolerating her and doesn’t understand why she isn’t leaving him now that he has exposed his real intentions. However, he wants to believe she will stay with him but can’t bring himself to accept it whole heartedly.”

Further Ritiesh adds, “Viren is irritated that Nivedita and his family are so accepting of him, so he wants to push them further. He donates the employees’ salaries to a charity which will surely create major drama in the family. There will be a slight confrontation in the family and even Nivi will try to explain to Viren that he was wrong. This will lead to a major dramatic twist shocking Nivedita.”

Looks like the viewers are in for more shocking twists. Talking about the recent developments, Nivedita aka Neha Sargam discloses, “I am trying my level best to bring Viren and his family closer as I know that everyone in the family loves Viren. I don’t know why Viren doesn’t understand or realize that. I have promised Dadasaheb that I will bring his grandchild on the right path.”

And Viren aka Kinshuk Mahajan clears the air to us. “Life has been unfair to me so I want to create a ruckus for everyone in my family especially Sid and Dadasaheb. I don’t want Nivedita to interfere in my business.”

via Nivedita attempts to turn Viren into an honorable man! –


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