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Mystery behind Nivi’s stalker to be revealed in Chand Chupa |

The time has come for Nivedita’s (Neha Sargam) stalker to get exposed in Chand Chupa Baadal Mein. In the next couple of episodes, a high-octane dramatic sequence will reveal the mystery person.

A source says, “It was a very dreadful experience for Nivi when a stalker attacked her along with his partner during her honeymoon. Viren and Nivi had to cut short their holiday and return home. Nivi is embarrassed about not having spent any time together with Viren while he is very annoyed with whatever happened to her in Goa. He asks his entire family to tell him the truth about who is harassing her. He also warns them that he will not rest till he finds out the person who has been causing Nivi all this mental trauma.”

Our source further says, “Chanchal intervenes in between and tells him his wife has gone mad and she needs treatment. So it is better if he goes for some medical aid for Nivi. Later Nivi tries to calm him down and they both go to their room. The two have a nice romantic conversation when Nivi asks him to get fresh before leaving for work. Viren goes to take a bath and removes his shirt and finds a scar on his back and it is the same scar caused by Nivi to her stalker! Viren looks at the bleeding scar and gives a strange smile.

He then tells himself that he needs to be more careful as Nivi had almost caught him at the hotel but luckily he managed to escape. He also tells himself he needs to be careful the next time he appears in front of her.”

Meanwhile, Kinshuk Mahajan, who plays Viren in the show, feigns ignorance and says, “The stalker could be any person from the Sood family, but I do not know who it is. I think the audience should watch the drama unfold.”

Though it will be revealed that Viren is behind all this, Nivi will not know about it now. Eventually, she will suspect him and then Viren might disclose the real reason behind his odd behaviour.

via Mystery behind Nivi’s stalker to be revealed in Chand Chupa |


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