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My pichle janam ka rishta |

My childhood has indeed been the best of times in my life. I can never forget the time I spent with my grandfather, those memories are the closest to my heart. I loved my grandparents a lot, loved spending time with them, staying with them during the summer vacations. I used to learn music from my grandfather during my holidays.

Talking of memorable incidents I remember this particular one. It is clearly etched in my mind. My grandfather was teaching me a bandish, a difficult raga. I was really young around four years. I sang it absolutely correct and learnt it very quickly. This made him extremely happy and he cuddled me. He was amazed at the fact that I could sing such a difficult raga at such an early age. My mother tells me these stories about my childhood as I can’t remember some of it. She tells me the moment my grandfather praised me my instant reaction was to go touch his feet. I don’t know how and what struck me then but I got up and took blessings from him. This shocked everyone. I was not expected to do this at such a small age. I think it was some picchle janam ka rishta I have with him where he might have been my guru and I knew I had to seek blessings from my guru. He was everything to me. My guide, my guru, teacher, idol! He is no more with me but I can feel his blessings are with me all the time. I miss my grandfather a lot.

via My pichle janam ka rishta |


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