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Is Nivedita mentally ill? The drama continues in Chand Chupa… |

Rajan Shahi’s Chand Chupa Badal Mein on Star Plus is set to air its maha episode this week. The fans will witness some more twists that will rock the lives of Nivedita and Viren.

A source informs, “Ever since Nivedita has entered the house, the family members want to throw her out of it. Now that Viren is currently not in the house their efforts will gain momentum. Weird things have been happening in the Sood house and people have been made to believe that Nivedita is mentally unstable. In the bumper episode we will continue with this track and now the family will be completely convinced that Nivedita needs psychiatric help. The only member who was her support was Siddharth who will also start believing the same. Nivedita though believes there is something wrong and in the special episode, we will bring the family connection in and another twist that will shock her.”

When contacted Abhishek Tewari who plays Siddharth, says, “Yes we have a maha episode coming up where the family insists that Nivedita should be taken to the psychiatrist and I will believe so too even though I have been against it. But now I will believe that she needs to be treated for her own good.”

Neha Sargam who plays Nivedita says, “The family wants to treat me because they think I have become mentally unstable but I will resist. Because I know there is something more to the circumstances.”

The episode airs this Saturday.

via Is Nivedita mentally ill? The drama continues in Chand Chupa… |


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