The Multitalented Diva

Giddha celebration at Soods’ house

To celebrate this grand event, the Soods are hosting a Giddha event and have invited Divya’s family. However, Nivedita is a sad witness to the whole event. Giddha is a folk dance played in many traditional ceremonies. It is an energy-oriented one and involves vigorous movements. The women are dressed in embroidered dresses with duppattas and heavy jewellery.

“I am performing with Divya’s brother as both are happy with this marriage preparation but at same time I want to know what Nivedita is thinking who is here on office work. Dadi is not happy to see Nivedita who is Divya’s sister. A big secret will be unveiled which I want the audiences to watch out for,” says Kinshuk.

An Indya source revealed, “Giddha celebrations are happening at Soods’ house. His family has invited people to perform the Giddha. Siddharth’s dadi is  happy and excited with everything that’s happening. Also, Viren and Divya’s brother will be dancing. Everything goes well until Nivedita makes her presence in the event. Dadi and Chanchal are not happy to see her, but have no choice but to include her, as she was the one who organised the event so well.”


Our source added that there will be some interesting twists happening at the end of the ceremony. “The surprise would be revealed tomorrorw.”

Further our source told us that, “By the end of the song whole family dances including Sid and Divya but at same time  important truth will be revealed. This sequence would be aired tomorrow.”

via Giddha celebration at Soods’ house.


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