The Multitalented Diva

Divya and Nivedita share a great bond

LINK: Divya and Nivedita share a great bond.

Divya said, “Nivedita and I are close. We share a lot of things together. Although she may not share things with others, I usually know about it. I keep telling her to groom herself and give her beauty tips.”

Divya adds that she wants to help her get rid of her shyness and adds that it won’t happen overnight. “I am doing my best, but her shyness is a part of her. She only talks to three people – our grandmother, Yash and me. I hope someday she shares what’s on her mind with someone she loves.”

Nivedita said that she is shy, but is very fond of Divya. “We share a lot of things with each other. She is very friendly and a great support system. I am lucky that God gave me such a loving sister,” she said

In the coming episodes, the audience discovers that Divya is falling in love with Siddharth Sood, but Siddharth is falling in love with Nivedita. So far, the audience knows that Divya and Siddharth have had coffee together, where Divya thanks Siddharth for finding out Yash’s whereabouts after he ran away from home.


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