The Multitalented Diva

Chanchal adopts the divide and rule policy

Chanchal who hates Nivedita from the bottom of heart is still very upset about her marriage with her own blood Viren. Not a one to take kindly to it, she has vowed to make Nivi’s life a living hell and how. Apart from creating problem in Nivedita’s life, Chanchal’s primary motive is to create a rift between the two sisters – Nivedita and Divya. Though Nivedita tries hard to not let anything affect her relationship with Divya, Chanchal however will make sure she succeeds in her vicious plans.

Informs Chanchal, “It came as a huge blow to me when my own son Viren chose to get married to Nivedita. I was the one who created problems in Nivedita and Siddharth’s life after I came to know that the two are in love. I somehow got Divya married to Siddharth who was madly in love with him. Now my own blood marrying the one I hate the most is something that can’t be digested easily by me. Initially as shown on the show, I accuse and insult her only to face my son’s anger and opposition. So I decide to be good to Nivedita infront of the family, but it’s a different ball game altogether when I’m alone with her. Slowly and gradually problems start surfacing in her life courtesy me.”

Chanchal’s latest formula to create problems in Nivi’s life is the divide and rule policy. She plans to draw the two sisters apart and has already sown the seed of suspicion in Divya’s mind against Nivedita. Says she, “In the coming episodes, I will try harder to instigate Divya against Nivedita. The latter will be seen in Divya’s room with Siddharth remembering childhood days and sharing some pictures. I then decide to poison Divya’s mind without telling her that Nivedita is in her bed-room. I instead tell her that Siddharth is waiting for her and she must go see him. She runs towards her bedroom in excitement to see Nivedita with him. There is no showdown as such after this but certainly the rift starts building up.”

With Chanchal growing fiercer and more vicious, Nivedita surely needs to watch all her moves as it’s not just her mother-in-law who she has to tackle but also an unknown and unseen stalker who seems to be after her life. The latest addition to her miseries being the rift that has started to build up between the two sisters. After being ordered by her in-laws to severe all her ties with her family, is it time for the last tie (Divya) to break.

Link: Chanchal adopts the divide and rule policy.


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