The Multitalented Diva

A major twist in the maha episode –

Link: A major twist in the maha episode –

He will plant a bomb in her car, hoping to end her life in this weekend’s maha episode.

A STAR source explains, “Everyone is happy as Divya has delivered a healthy baby girl and preparations are going on for the naming ceremony. Divya still hates Nivedita and during the naming ceremony, she will blatantly insult Nivedita and not let her hold her baby. Nivedita will be completely disheartened. Nayantara Dadi who will see this interaction will inform Divya about the sacrifices Nivedita made for her sake. Divya will be shocked and ashamed of her behaviour. To make amends she will call Nivedita, who will be at the temple praying. When Divya won’t be able to get through to her, she will decide to meet her at the temple. On the other hand, Bhai has planted a bomb in Nivedita’s car. Oblivious that Divya is coming to the temple, Nivi plans to return home while Divya reaches the parking lot. Then an explosion shatters their world.”

Nivedita aka Neha Sargam claims, “I want to clear all the misunderstandings between Divya didi and me. I don’t know why she is so angry with me and yes the maha episode has a big twist in store. Watch out for it.”

Divya Sood aka Risshima Roshlani too adds, “Right now, we are busy with the naming ceremony of my baby and we all decided to call her Preeti. I am angry with Nivedita and I want her to stay away from my baby.”


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